About me

My name is Sylvain Cyr. I’m a programmer.

I am the IT Director at Solution Extreme. I work remotely most of the time.
This site represents my point of view and has nothing to do with the company I work for.

I enjoy other things that are not related to IT so don’t be surprised if you see various content.

Currently, I code in PHP and C#. I play around with MSSQL, MySQL.


I studied Computer Science at College Montmorency (Laval, QC, Canada). I worked for many businesses before landing at Solution Extreme. I also worked as a consultant for about 2 years.

On a more personal side, I’m married to a beautiful woman, Georgia, and I have 2 awesome daughters: Gabrielle, 6 years old, and Athena 4 years old.

Enjoy the reading !


Do not hesitate to contact me at me@sylvaincyr.ca

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