sysPass 2.1.8 – Text not being translated

After some hours being lost, I discovered why sysPass translation system was not doing anything even if locale was installed.

The issue lies in setLocales (/inc/SP/Core/Language.class.php), it doesn’t set all language variable.

putenv('LANG=' . $lang);

is not enough. The following line needs to be added.

putenv('LANGUAGE=' . $lang);

It works with this but according to ubuntu help page, the value we set for LANGUAGE would not be ideal. See for yourself at

I’m guessing the difference between LANG and LANGUAGE has to do with how the combo Apache/PHP is running. I didn’t see anything that indicated setting both variables might be wrong.

I discovered the fix which works with PHP 7.1.* when I saw the comment from “yuricardenas at gmail dot com” in the PHP manual,





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